Orthodontics is in charge of all study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of abnormal shape, position, relation and function of the dentofacial structures; still pursue the art to prevent, diagnose and repair any possible changes and keep them in a state optimal health and harmony through the use and control of different types of concealers.
Orthodontic treatment can be done in two ways depending on the type checker, mainly include:

  • Fixed technique is composed of elements attached to the teeth (bands and brackets) which is firmly anchored a thin elastic arches metal alloy (nickel-titanium) by a set of bands.
  • Removable to allow removal from the mouth by the patient. This allows you to remove them for oral hygiene and meals. These devices when trying to dental problems have their specific indications no substitute to fixed orthodontics, while solving some simple malocclusions with a lower cost than and less discomfort for patients.
  • Invisible braces by Invisalign is a method that corrects malocclusion through braces nearly invisible, removable aligners that are called. It represents a clinically proven technique to straighten teeth without using metal braces.



In many cases, patients require two techniques to solve their dental problems.