CEREC technology

Treatment in a single session.

Is CEREC CAD / CAM ceramic restorations in a single session . With CEREC , the query takes all the features to achieve the desired result for you : restorations.

  • CAD / CAM system most used in the world
  • Successful almost 30 years of continuous development
  • Over 28 million restorations
  • Over 250 scientific studies on clinical safety
  • 95% of proven long-term durability

Ease of handling, printing dust and precise 3D digital prints in natural color in just 10 minutes!



The CEREC software precisely matches the needs of the dental professional , thanks to our many years of experience in development.The transparent workflow offers the right features at any time , enabling you to work intuitively and directly into the three-dimensional model tooth to create natural occlusions with a single click.

All CEREC software possibilidades :

  • Virtual articulation
  • Treatment in situ implant
  • Fully anatomical restorations without coating
  • Incisal variation
  • Imitation enamel with blocks CEREC Blocs C In
  • Smile Design